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  • Paperback: 107 pages

  • Publisher: Finger at the Moon Publishing (January 1, 2011)

  • Language: English

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The Shibashi Workbook is designed to accompany the T'ai Chi Qigong Shibashi classes taught by Seven Stars Martial Arts, however they can easily be used by any students of the 'Eighteen Movements'.

All the history, background information, functions, characteristics, benefits, important points and tips for successful practice are included.

Then there is space in which you can write your own descriptions of the exercises. As each person learns and comprehends differently the descriptions will be written and/or drawn in a way that you understand.  

This writing of the exercises helps the brain integrate the movements with the body deepening comprehension and understanding, making the physical movement easier.

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T'ai Chi Qigong Shibashi Workbook

By John Robertson - PDF download


  • Chapter 1                        Introduction 

  • Chapter 2                        Breathing

  • Chapter 3                        Opening Movements

  • Chapter 4                        12 Points Tapping

  • Chapter 5                        Hand Swinging     

  • Chapter 6                        T'ai Chi Qìgōng Shibashi

  • Appendix                        Opening Movements Summary
                                           12 Points Tapping Summary
                                     T'ai Chi Qìgōng Shibashi Summary

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