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The Micro-Cosmic Orbit

By John Robertson - mp3 downloads

The Micro-Cosmic Orbit is one of the most important Qigong practices there is.
Without achieving this, all other practices are in vain. 

Be guided through the 3 skills needed to lay the foundation in order to be able to successfully practice the Micro-Cosmic Orbit:

  • Embryonic Breathing

  • Opening the Three Passes

  • Swallowing Saliva

Then choose one of 4 variations on the practice:

  • Guided Breath

  • Bagua Points

  • All points

  • So Joo Chun

Each practice come with a guided entry & exit, has deeply relaxing background music
and theta waves to help promote relaxation and focus.



  • Foundational practices:

    • Embryonic Breathing

    • Opening the Three Passes

    • Swallowing Saliva

  • Micro-Cosmic Orbit practices:

    • Breath Circulation

    • Bagua Points

    • Acupuncture Points

    • So Joo Chun

Product details

  • mp3 download

  • Audio: 7 audio files

  • Publisher: Finger at the Moon Publishing (5th August, 2023)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: none

  • ISBN-13: none

  • Product Dimensions: up to 97.5MB

  • Shipping Weight: n/a

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