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Guided Meditations

By John Robertson


The Chinese have used meditation for millennia as a means to help gain spiritual  enlightenment. Today we know that meditation promotes health and well-being, relieves stress, controls anxiety, enhances self awareness, improves sleep, controls pain, lower blood pressure and much more.

Here we guide you through some classic Chinese, Indian and modern meditations to help you realize those benefits. Between 10 and 60 minutes long each audio download is completely self contained with an entry and exit to guide you in and out of the meditation. Gentle background music combined with theta waves assist the process, helping you attain the meditative state easier and faster.

Meditation is vital to anyone that wishes to improve their health, well-being and longevity, relieve stress, depression and trauma!

Each meditation is a downloadable mp3 file playable through your computer, smart phone or tablet. A link to download the recording will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Sample Meditations


1.         Chimes 20m/6s - chimes every 6 seconds for 20 minutes to guide your breath.

3.         Chimes 60m/6s- chimes every 6 seconds for 60 minutes to guide your breath.

        3.         Chimes 20m/8s- chimes every 8 seconds for 20 minutes to guide your breath.

        4.         Chimes 60m/8s- chimes every 8 seconds for 60 minutes to guide your breath.

        5.         75 Breaths - guide your breath though your body in a specific sequence.

        6.         75 Chimes - the 75 breaths with chimes rather than words to guide your progress.

        7.         Breath Counting - focus on, and count your breath.

        8.         36 to 1 - focus on, and count your breath from 36 to 1.       

        9.         Calm & Relax - the classic Fang Sung Kong meditation of inhaling calm and exhaling tension.

        10.       The Rotation of Consciousness - relax specific parts of your body as you are guided around it.

        11.       Chidakasha Visualization - a yogic meditation where images are brought into your mind.

        12.       Chidakasha Manifestation- a yogic meditation in which you allow you mind to roam free and manifest                            what it sees and desires.

        13.       Nourishing the Triple Warmer - a standing meditation to bring light and energy to your internal organs.              14.       Nurturing the 5 Phases - a traditional Taoist standing meditation to nurture the energies inherent within us.

        15.       Mother, Father, Daughter, Son - a standing meditation to bring energy to your hands.

        16.       The Dragon Gate Form - an ancient Taoist standing and moving meditation to promote physical health.

        17.       Listen to Father, Recall Mother - connect with your ancestors to communicate with them.

Product details

  • mp3 audio download

  • 10 to 60 minutes long

  • Publisher: Finger at the Moon Publishing (January 1, 2020)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: n/a

  • ISBN-13: n/a

  • Product Dimensions: up to 50MB

  • Shipping Weight: n/a

 Purchasing options ~ $5 each meditation ~ $100 for all current meditations

6 second chime, 
20 minutes (20:00)

6 second chime,
60 minutes (60:00)

8 second chime, 
20 minutes (20:00)

8 second chime,
60 minutes (60:00)

75 Breaths

75 Chimes

Breath Counting

36 to 1

Calm & Relax

Rotation of Consciousness (20:00)

Chidakasha Visualisation (25:04)

Chidakasha Manifestation (20:00)

Nourishing the Triple Warmer (26:35)

Nurturing the Five Phases (31:10)

Mother, Father, Daughter, Son (19:42)

The Dragon Gate Form (61:45)

Listen to Father, Recall Mother (15:00)

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